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The Time Machine

H. G. Wells

Retold by Eric Brown

Illustrated by Felix Bennett

ISBN: 978-1-906230-13-5

Lexile® Rating: 850L what is this?

ATOS®/AR Level: 5.6 what is this?

F&P Level: W what is this?


‘On this machine, I intend to explore time ...’

The time traveller has invented a time machine. Its capabilities are beyond even his fertile imagination.

Hundreds of thousand of years in the future, the beautiful Eloi people live in a Garden of Eden. But why are the Eloi so fearful of the dark? What horrors lurk beneath the surface of their world?

What will the time traveller learn about the future? Will he survive the evil he encounters? Even if he can find his stolen machine, will it return him safely home?

What does his future hold? What is the future of the human race?

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