Real Reads uses three widely recognised levelling scales, all of which provide measures of text complexity which can be used to ensure that your child is reading appropriate texts for their reading ability.

The Lexile® Framework for Reading

The Lexile® Framework for Reading is a scientific approach that places both the reader and text on the same developmental scale, making it easy to connect your child with books specifically targeted to their reading ability.

Lexile® measures are quantitative measures for text complexity, and if you know your child’s Lexile® measure, then you can be sure of their range of reading comprehension, and use this to select the right Real Reads books for your child.

To find out more about the Lexile® Framework for Reading, or to find your child’s Lexile® measure, visit the Lexile® website.

Accelerated Reader (AR) and ATOS®

Developed by Renaissance Learning, Accelerated Reader helps educators to guide students to books that will provide an appropriate level of challenge. In order to help educators match books to students, every book with an Accelerated Reader quiz has been assigned a book level. The book level is a measure of the complexity of the text.

ATOS is the readability formula used to assess text complexity for AR. ATOS takes into account the most important predictors of text complexity – average sentence length, average word length, and word difficulty level. The results are provided in a grade-level scale that is easy to use and understand.

To find out more about Accelerated Reader, visit the Renaissance Learning website.

The F&P Text Level Gradient™

The F&P Text Level Gradient™ is a trusted tool for selecting books for small-group reading instruction.

Fountas and Pinnell have identified ten factors that are used to analyze texts, and every book with an official F&P Text Level Gradient™ designation undergoes a rigorous levelling process that takes time and expert resources to achieve accurate levelling.

To find out more about The F&P Text Level Gradient™, visit the Fountas and Pinnell website.