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Mary of Galilee

Retold by Alan Moore and Gill Tavner

Illustrated by Karen Donnelly

ISBN: 978-1-906230-25-8

F&P Level: X what is this?


Can you spare the time to listen to my account? I should like to tell the whole story, just once before I die.

Mary is a young woman living a simple life in Nazareth, when an angel’s visit changes her life forever. She has been chosen by God to bear him a son. She alone amongst women has been chosen to bear the agony and the joy.

From the moment of his birth, she knows that Jesus’s life will be like no other: she has been warned of the pain that lies ahead. When Jesus begins his work, how will she react to her increasing awareness of the dangers facing her son?

When Mary experiences anguish that no mother should ever experience, is her faith strong enough to sustain her? Might there be grounds for joy in the midst of such brutality?

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