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Mahabharata: The Final Battle

Veda Vyasa

Retold by Prema Jayakumar

Illustrated by K. R. Raji

ISBN: 978-1-906230-33-3

F&P Level: Y what is this?


If there ever was an epic that touches upon every conceivable human emotion and poses the most complex of questions, it has to be the Mahabharata, the most famous of stories from India.

The deadly rivalry between the royal cousins, the Pandavas and the Kauravas, can only end one way – in the mightiest of battles imaginable. The gods watch in dismay as the opponents draw up their forces.

Will the mighty warriors Bhishma and Drona survive to see the end? And what of Karna? Where will his loyalties lie – with his true friend Duryodhana, or with his brothers, the Pandavas? Lord Krishna sees what is about to happen, and is so concerned that he comes to earth to counsel the mortals, especially the distraught Arjuna.

In the last book of this exciting three-part series, the final battle fought on the field at Kurukshetra decides who will triumph and who will fall.

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