Real Reads

Animal Farm

George Orwell

Retold by Tony Evans

Illustrated by Angelo Ruta

ISBN: 978-1-911091-11-0

Lexile® Rating: 940L what is this?

ATOS®/AR Level: 5.7 what is this?


All the animals were looking forward to the new, happy lives they would lead when Mr Jones’s rule over them came to an end.

When the animals get rid of Mr Jones and take over the farm, they are excited by their new freedom. But can they run the farm with tools that are designed for humans? Will they be able to harvest the food that they need for the winter?

The farmers decide to band together to win back the farm for Mr Jones. Will the animals be able to fight them off? Can life on Animal Farm be as wonderful as they had all hoped for – or will new dangers threaten their happiness?

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A young reader's review for Real Reads Animal Farm :

Animal farm is a really interesting, thought provoking story based on events that have happened in the past. The ideas in the story made me think about authority; what makes a good leader and whether it is important that the rules are the same for everyone.  It was clever that animals were the main characters in the story not people. As the pigs became more like people they started to be more selfish and they did not care about the other animals and the group became less united.

I really liked the characters Boxer and Snowball. Boxer was hard working and never gave up but his hard work didn’t really help the other animals. Snowball tried to make the farm a better place but his ideas were over-ruled by Napoleon who was a stronger leader.

It was interesting to read the ‘Taking Things Further section’ about how the book was written about things that had happened in Russia. This taught me things about history that I did not know. After reading the story, it made it much easier to understand. It also made me think more carefully about some of the things that are happening at the moment. I would definitely recommend this book to other children my age. It is a brilliant story and very educational.

George, 10

Review from a Teacher :

The abridged version of Animal farm is a thoroughly enjoyable story for children. The adaption of the story would be a valuable text to study at Primary level as it provides an accessible opening to more mature themes such as authority, equality and inequality, class, power, control and corruption. Animal Farm would be a fantastic book to generate higher-level thinking, discussion and debate that could support the teaching of Literacy, RE, History, PSHE and Philosophy for Children.

Review from a Parent :

I enjoyed reading this book with my 10-year-old son. We were eager to see how the plights of the different characters would evolve. The story led to fantastic discussion about authority, equality, honesty and loyalty. My son was able to draw parallels between the story and religion, governance and current affairs. The ‘Taking Things Further’ section developed a thirst for more information which led him to conduct his own history research.

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