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Here are some links to other websites which will aid classroom or home study using Real Reads travel and adventure books.

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Gulliver’s Travels

This site includes a summary of Swift’s life and links to his most famous books.

Lots of information about Swift with links to his works.

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Jules Verne

Details of Jules Verne’s life and work, with links to many of his best known books.

This site is aimed at book collectors, but it contains lots of information about the author, including photographs.

Includes a list of most of Jules Verne’s books.

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Moby Dick

Good basic information about whales.

Based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, which replaced Nantucket as the principal whaling port on the North American east coast. This site covers all aspects of whaling.

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Robert Louis Stevenson

Everything you could possibly want to find out about Robert Louis Stevenson.

The BBC’s interactive website all about Victorian Britain, with a wide range of information and activities for all ages.

Details of Stevenson’s life and work, with links to some of his best known books.

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Robinson Crusoe

The story of Alexander Selkirk.

A very good site which brings together Selkirk, Robinson Crusoe the book, and information about the historical context and the places described in the book.

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Walter Scott

A good historical account from the Scottish History Online website.

Pages about Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Jacobites.

An article about why Sir Walter Scott is one of the greatest Scottish writers ever.

Information about how Scott wrote Waverley.

See the original manuscript of Waverley in Scott’s own handwriting.

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