F. Scott Fitzgerald resource links

To aid classroom or home study using Real Reads books, here are some links to other websites which will help you to gain a greater understanding of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the world he lived in.

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This page, part of a wider US history site, concentrates on the Roaring Twenties and provides excellent background information about American society at the time of The Great Gatsby.


This ‘Historical Snapshot of Life in the 1920s’ offers a chance to learn about many aspects of life – from science to popular films to hairstyles – in that hectic decade.


This site, produced by Ohio State University, gives the background to Prohibition in the United States. It also examines how successful the move was in stamping out alcohol, how it was enforced and why it was repealed.


The Biography Channel site devoted to F. Scott Fitzgerald provides an excellent overview of the author’s life and lasting influence.


This page gives an excellent overview of the Roaring Twenties in America.

In Search for the Great Gatsby House on Long Island (+Map)

One family’s adventure to find Gatsby’s house! (Credit with thanks to Anna and family)