Schemes of Work for Real Reads Chinese Classics

In association with Bamboo Learning ( and The Chinese Staffroom (, Real Reads has produced a comprehensive set of Schemes of Work to accompany the groundbreaking series of Real Reads Chinese Classics.

Written by Pete Goodman and James Trapp of Bamboo Learning, these teaching aids provide everything a keen teacher of Mandarin will ever need to introduce these classics of Chinese literature to the ever-growing number of western children learning about Chinese language and literature.

These Schemes of Work, together with a set of overview Teachers’ Notes, are available to download free of charge here:

Real Reads Chinese Classics Teachers’ Notes (in PDF format)

Journey to the West Scheme of Work (in PDF format)

Dream of the Red Chamber Scheme of Work (in PDF format)

The Three Kingdoms Scheme of Work (in PDF format)

The Water Margin Scheme of Work (in PDF format)