Charles Dickens resource links

To aid classroom or home study using Real Reads books, here are some links to other websites which will help you to gain a greater understanding of Charles DIckens and the world he lived in.

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Scholarly information on all aspects of Victorian life, including literature, history and culture, with a useful section on the French Revolution if you are studying A Tale of Two Cities.

The BBC’s interactive site about Victorian Britain, with a wide range of information and activities for all ages.

Home of the Dickens Museum in London, with details about exhibits, events and lots of helpful links.

A labour of love dedicated to Dickens, with information about his life and his novels. Many useful links. The page about A Tale of Two Cities has a useful map of Paris.

An interesting description of the conditions in Victorian London that inspired Dr Barnardo to devote his life to helping poor children.

Some useful classroom resources, relevant to A Tale of Two Cities.

A site offering source materials and guidance in how to use them, as well as a wealth of information. It contains a section on using Bleak House as source material.

Facts, figures and true stories about England’s workhouses. Particularly useful if you a studying Oliver Twist