'Attractive and fast-paced'

Gina Jamieson

Christine Sun and Shirley Chiang have worked well as a team, producing attractive books and fast-paced stories. Besides the fact that the resources allow us to introduce more and more western children to China’s rich culture and literature, I like the way the stories are told. The books have been written in a gripping manner while still managing to keep the principal characteristics of the original Chinese stories. To help the reader set the scene colourful and appealing illustrations are included. These provide important cultural information for students with little knowledge of China’s culture, architecture, fashion and customs.

Each volume begins with a handy introduction to the stories’ key characters, and ends with a comprehensive section covering the history of the original Chinese story and author, key subplots that were left out as they were retold, other books to refer to for further information, and research as well as starting points for literacy lessons.

These, combined with the wonderful Schemes of Work from the Chinese Staffroom, enable teachers to maximise and energise their lessons to inspire students.

I really enjoyed reading the Real Reads Chinese Classics, as I haven’t managed to read all of the original classics.

It is a delight to share them with students. It’s wonderful to see the books, even now after so many years, still managing to inspire, and more importantly entertain, readers. I’m looking forward to sharing them even more with my classes in the future.